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You may wonder why the prices at EssayAdmin are this low. Well, instead of spending money on advertising, we prefer to focus on high-quality services. We also hire freelancers, which helps to reduce our operational expenses without compromising on t
First, the academic level. Obviously, a master’s assignment requires more specific knowledge and thorough preparation, which makes the price higher compared to a bachelor’s paper or a high school one. Secondly, the complexity of the subject and the paper
Our services are as cheap as quality writing help can be. In fact, prices on our website start at $7 for a high-school paper with a 2-week deadline, which is way below the market average ($12). We’re able to keep our fees so low by optimizing our processes. However, you need to realize that writing help of decent quality can’t cost as little as $5 because companies need to pay their experts fairly. And if you see a service promising you a super-cheap essay, you have to ask yourself how good it could possibly be.